Future of Pak US relations

Pak and US
Pakistan and US military cooperation is running smoothly and Economic assistance and support in the energy sector is substantive, especially when we look at the Diamer-Bhasha and Dasu Dam projects. America remains Pakistan’s largest trading partner .
But india can’t bear Pakistan & US Relations , i hope this indian Stomach Ache will not effect Pak US Relations in Future . US need to Play positive Role against indian violence along the Line of Control on Pakistan Border.

The World Bank, the IMF and other multilateral agencies are extending support for major projects and extending loans to boost the overall economic conditions.More importantly, strategic dialogue has been revived that places the relationship in a structured framework providing continuity.Adversarial reporting about Pakistan’s nuclear assets in the US and Western press is also on the decline.Hopefully , reflecting the new ambiance will change past image and both countries will going to start and sustain this peaceful trend.
The first is the issue of terrorism. Since the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Washington has assigned top priority to counter terrorism. Pakistan itself has also been the victim of terrorism..Its people and Pak Army personnel have rendered enormous sacrifices in the fight against terrorism.Pak Army is Doing the Zarb-e-Azb military operation against the terrorists in North Waziristan..

But there are still some reservations and doubts on the America about indian agencies interference. Soon These doubts will be clear with Proofs about Indian agencies interference in Pakistan. The restoration of durable peace and stability in Afghanistan is another area where the two countries can cooperate with each other to their mutual advantage.

The Second is the issue of Kashmir , Pakistan will continue raising Kashmir issue & the voice for rights of Kashmiris in front of United States and also other international forums. PM of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif Said The United States would be the most relevant third party that could intervene to help resolve outstanding issues including Kashmir between India and Pakistan .. This is good step that United States has assured that it will persuade India to re-engage in talks with Pakistan on all issues, including the longstanding dispute of Kashmir. Kashmir issue which is more pivotal to the strategic stability in South Asia.

This very good step for Future of Pak and US relations is that the Americans gave General Raheel Sharif red carpet treatment. The US military’s Inter-Services Public Relations wing announced that “the U.S. Legion of Merit Medal was conferred on the Chief of the Army Staff, when Gen. Raheel Sharif, was on official visit to the U.S., for his brave leadership, sagacity, vision, efforts for peace and stability in the region.” He and his delegation were also “given a full guard of honor at the U.S. Defense headquarters.

About Gen. Raheel Sharif “the US can’t want something for the civilians more than they want it for themselves,”
Recently this statment of a Senior administation of US is showing Better future of Pakistan and US relations.

US used to acknowledge sacrifices by Pakistan against Terrorism which is common issue for both countries.since both are serious and committed to end terrorism,both need to stand together firmly for better future of both countries.


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